ArtKept.com is a platform for the demonstration and sale of the visual artworks. The administration is selecting artworks for their website based on their tastes and their understanding of the art processes. Our approach is neither conceptual nor commercial, but rather intuitively-musical. We are not afraid to be outside of the artistic hierarchy, because we understand that the true art is not hierarchical. The art is that structure or sphere, the center of which is everywhere, whereas the periphery of it doesn’t exist. It is very important for every artist to have this center in their artworks. This is what attracts and illuminates everything else by its mysterious light.

We’re open for the dialogue and are waiting for both costumers and artists that are interested in our project. The placement of your artworks on our website is free.

Email us: info@artkept.com



Purchase. Delivery. Payment

To order an artwork or ask a question you might use an “Order/Question” form on the page with the corresponding artwork. Or you can also email info@artkept.com

The cost of the delivery is not included into the price for the artwork. It depends on the location of a certain artwork and the costumer (meaning, the route of the delivery). It also depends on which transport company is chosen by the costumer. All information related to the different types of the delivery is going to be sent to the costumer after their request.

The discount and/or free delivery are available for the costumers that order more than one artwork.

The approximate time of the delivery is from 2-3 days (if the costumer is locating in the same country as the one in which artwork is) to 10-12 days (if the costumer is locating in the different country as the one in which artwork is). The payment is available either through the PayPal or otherwise (depending on the agreement between the costumer and the administration of the website).

To the artists

Art Kept is a virtual gallery that gives artists an opportunity to place their artworks and information about them. We allow them to freely place their artworks on the website. In order to do so, just email us on the following address: info@artkept.com


All rights are reserved and belong to their legal owners. All information, images, texts, files and other materials cannot be copied, spread or used in commercial interests. In case of any non-commercial utilization of the website information, the following link is required: https://artkept.com/

By placing their artworks on the website, all artists and dealers officially admit that they have all ownership rights to offer these artworks for sale.

To the owners of the copyrights

If you are an owner of the copyrights or are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owners, please report us about any possible copyright infringements that occur on our website.

In case of getting the corresponding message, the administration of the ArtKept is obliged to conduct the necessary investigation and take all necessary steps, including the removal of the questionable materials from the website.