Portrait of Irina

Stanislav ShliahtinOilExpressionismPortrait

Size 78.7″x39.3″ (200×100 сm). Paper, oil. Price $800.

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Art by the Same Author

Stanislav Shliahtin

In memory of Gauguin

Size 39.3"x78.7" (100x200 сm). Paper, oil. Price $1200.

Portrait of a Student

Size 37.4″х24.8″ (95x63 сm). Paper, oil. Price $800.


Size 37.4"х24.8" (95х63 сm). Cardboard, oil. Price $800.

Girl with a Pendant in a Striped Vest

Size 35.4"х23.6" (90х60 сm). Canvas, oil. Price $1000.

Girl in a Blue Kerchief

Size 46.4"х32.6" (118х83 сm). Paper, oil. Price $800.

Nude with a Striped Towel

Size 31.5"x78.7" (80x200 сm). Paper, oil. Price $1000.

Lady in the Hat

Size 52.3"х31.5" (133х80 сm). Canvas, oil. Price $1000.


Size 47.2"х31.5" (120х80 сm). Paper, oil. Price $800.

Model in front of the Kara-Dag (in memory of Matisse)

Size 49.2"х37.4" (125х95 сm). Canvas, oil. Price $1000.


Size 47.2"х43.3" (120х110 сm). Canvas, oil. Price $800.